Samsung galaxy note 9 512 GB price in Pakistan 2020
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB 2020 smartphone from Samsung is designed in beautiful shape. The waterproof case of the smartphone is made of metal and glass. The phone runs Android 8.1 and supports working with two sim cards such as nano-SIM in optional modes. The screen is 6.4 inches with a maximum resolution of 2960×1440 and 514 (PPI). The screen has an automatic shift function. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB, has 512 GB of built-in memory and 8 GB of RAM.

The Samsung galaxy note 9 512GB phone has a feature where you can add your memory card. The capacity of the non-removable Li-Ion battery is 4000 mAh. The phone has a fast and wireless charging power. The phone is equipped with an integrated lighting system, reach, Hall sensor, gyroscope, gauges, gauges, fingerprint scanner, and iris scanner. this provides additional functions for the phone in many applications. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512GB was unveiled to the public throughout September 5, 2018.


Type: smartphone

OS: Android 8.1


Memory: 512 GB

SIM: Dual

Weight: 502 gram

Screen: 2960 x 1440

Display: 6.4″

Battery:400 mah, non remove able

Memory card slot: Enabled

Camera Features

Back Camera: 12 MP

Rear Camera Functions: Auto focus, Optical Zoom

Video Recording: Enable

Front Camera: 8 MP

Captures Memorable Moments

View Important Photos and take your photos to new heights on Samsung galaxy note 9 512 GB with the S Pen remote camera. No more rushing to hold a self-timer, guest your arm to take a selfie, or struggle to snatch a trivial one. *S Pen remote operates up to 10 meters in open space. Learning will happen.

Provide Slideshow without touching phone

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB 2020 to Samsung DeX and pull out your presentation, then switch apps using the S Pen. ² Focus with a simple click of the button. PenS pen remote works up to 10 meters in open space. Learning will happen battery Pen battery life will vary support services.

Color Scheme

The complete screen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB is a monochrome metal figure available in bright colors – Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper, Cloud Silver, or Alpine White – with a similar or different look. S Pen to fit your model.

All in one Features

Walk the light and make any work area with a single cable or can use the HDMI adapter. When paired with the watch. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB provides a desktop-like experience so you can make the most of the big screen. Use your Galaxy Note9 as a touchpad, and write or draw using the S Pen – so you don’t have to use a keyboard or mouse. Plus, many of the devices using Samsung DeX on the device also use apps on the phone screen – so you can do more, such as reviewing presentations and taking notes, simultaneously.

Using Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 512 GB right HDMI adapter or the appropriate cable for Samsung DeX is advisable. Some apps may not run or require a license (for purchase) on Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX uses an HDMI adapter or cable to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4. Some functions of Samsung DeX with HDMI adapter or cable may be different from those with DeX Pad. Monitor and sell separately.

Provide Gaming Support

Level up your experience of mobile gambling. The water-carbon cooling process of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB 2020 supports high efficiency during play by preventing excessive operation of the cutting machine which makes the operation disappear. In addition, the AI-based function of keeping your game calm, so as not to slow down.

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