Samsung galaxy note 8 price and specifications in Pakistan

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Samsung galaxy note 8 is best using and selling mobile phones in Pakistan and most people are very crazy about buying this latest smartphone because it has a lot of qualities and features that make his demand very high in the mobile markets of Pakistan.


Device typeSmartphone
Announced dateAugust 2017
Issue dateAugust 2017
Recent statusAvailable
Weight196 gram
DisplayLCD with touchscreen
CameraDual camera with 12mp


The price of Samsung galaxy note 8 is different in Pakistan from other countries because every cell phone has a different cost when it comes to another country from producing factories. Its price in Pakistan starts from 89,999 Pkr and it carries some other charges which depend on people who are buying g it from the market. Due to its price, people are loving this amazing mobile phone because it is very costly in some countries.


If you have used a Samsung galaxy s8+ then you have a good idea of how to use and manage Samsung galaxy note 8. It has a 6.4-inch display with HD quality results. The design takes most of the styles from the Samsung s8 plus mobile phone.

Fix it over and you will find a dual camera in Samsung galaxy note 8 and another feature of fingerprint sensor that makes his privacy more secure. The eyes of the mobile are mostly squared than the s8+ but when you compare then it is difficult to find the two phones distant.

Performance and storage

The Samsung galaxy note 8 is powered by the same chip that is used in Samsung galaxy s8. However, it has 6GB of ram which is higher from Samsung galaxy s8 that has 4GB RAM. As well as storage goes, the Samsung galaxy note 8 comes with 64GB storage and has an SDcard slot as well which initially becomes 256GB. It also has an IP68 water resistance feature and support for fast wireless charging or has a headphone jack that you will enjoy songs and important calls.

Battery qualities

After last year, batteries supered a global recall, Samsung is playing a little bit with Samsung galaxy note 8 battery. This handset features a 3300 mah battery which is almost smaller than S8 + and note 7 because both of these mobiles support 3500 Mah batteries. The Samsung note 8 battery looks like s8 which was implemented for this mobile.

The Samsung mobile company has a partnership with UL to complies with the company standards. From this discussion, the key point is you can easily use this mobile on an airplane during your journey.


Samsung mobile company has seriously improved the camera in Samsung galaxy note 8. Adding a lens in the back camera makes him the first dual-camera Galaxy phone. Both of the lenses have the same 12MP sensors but the main lens has an opening of f/1.7. Samsung galaxy added an optically sustain image to both lenses as well.

Release Date

The Samsung galaxy note 8 mobile is the high-cost mobile phone up to date and it charging 920$ more than the galaxy s8. The device began shipping on Friday in august, Samsung is the best selling cellphone from the release date to now a time in the world. When it came to releasing the people were giving orders already from the coming date in markets.

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