Samsung galaxy note 10 features and price in the USA

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Samsung galaxy note 10 is the most using mobile in the USA and people feel happy to use this extra quality and amazing mobile. The peoples of the USA always searching for quality and the best mobile and this mobile can fulfill their wishes at affordable prices.


Model NoGalaxy Note 10 lite
Releasing dateJanuary, 2020
Android system10.0, one UI 2
SimSingle sim(Nano-sim) dual sim
TechnologyGSM/ HSPA/ LTE
Screen sizeAlmost 6.8 inches
Selfie camera32MP


The price of Samsung galaxy note 10 starts from almost 550$ in the USA and it cost more in other countries and as well other cities in the same country. It can be more costly when it comes to other designs and colors but people are affording easily to purchase this quality mobile because it can make them happy to fulfill their wishes that they have.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone look and feel distinctly different from the Note 9 mobile. That shows up with the stunning and advanced colors the new Note mobiles are offered in. Black color, Aura White color, Aura Glow color, and more others but the Best Buy-exclusive Aura Blue (Note 10 Plus only) gives the primary indication of flashy new design.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone crams a 6.4-inch FHD, (2,270 x 1,070) display into its body, which is smaller at some points than the Note 9’s mobile screen but with only a tenth of an in. less screen. The Note Plus is in a position to hold a 6.8-inch Quad HD (3,040 x 1,440) display while being only slightly taller and wider than the Note 9. Both utilize an equivalent Dynamic AMOLED display technology because the S10 range and are HDR10 improved.

The edges of Samsung Galaxy note 10 also are more rounded, and gone from the rear is that the fingerprint sensor feature, owed to the implementation of an ultrasonic in touch screen fingerprint sensor quality, all-around participating to a more extraordinary look.

One other design of Samsung Galaxy note 10 change to notice is that the loss of the three .5mm headphone jack, which Samsung said was wiped out the name of fitting a much bigger battery during a smaller frame. A USB-C to three .5mm dongle is included within the box, though, alongside USB-C AKG headphones.

Dex system

Samsung’s mobile DeX system was designed to show a phone into a PC by hooking it up to a mouse and keyboard. Not many of us were doing that, so Samsung Galaxy note 10 has swerved to a more usable mode. Now, once you hook your phone up to your laptop, it appears as a kind of virtual machine during a window. Among other things, this allows you to easily transfer files and access secure corporate data on non-corporate computers.

Pen indications

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile comes With an accelerometer and gyroscope within the S Pen, you’ll use it as a magic wand to zoom or flip between cameras if you’ve got your phone positioned remotely.

Video Filters

After buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile, you’ll check out cameras and video making features. So, it a crucial feature during this mobile you’ll preview your videos with live filters, including blur and black-and-white, and edit them with a replacement S Pen-enabled version of Adobe Premiere Rush.

Super Fast Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile shows up the amazing percentage on charging once more with a 45W charger— which is more powerful than OnePlus and Motorola smartphones, both of which do 30W immediately. which will give the Note 10+ “all-day” usage on a half-hour of charge, Samsung says.

3D Scanning

While Sony phones have done 3D scanning for a short period of time, but Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going to be the primary best-seller with 3D-scanning abilities. Unlike Sony, Samsung also came up with a fun consumer application for 3D scanning: you’ll drop your scanned objects into a photograph or video scenes using augmented reality, and even animate them with motion capture. this is often getting to be big on TikTok.


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