Lamborghini Reventon features and price

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Most of the people who are looking always for attractive cars then I congratulate them, Lamborghini Reventon is a suitable and amazing car for you. Lamborghini had amazing features and it cost very much because it is a very famous car across the world. People are very happy who using it and they enjoyed it when they drive it and feel relaxed during driving.


CategorySports car
Length4,700mm(185.0 in)
Weight1665 KG
StyleMid engine, all wheel drive


If you are interested in Lamborghini Reventon and want to buy it then it is important to know about the price of Lamborghini. The price may be different in some countries. When it was new, it charges $1.5 million, and looking back it charges some extra money than the original cost. In recent times its price is different from the past, now in the market, it charges almost $13,59,000.

Generating Station

Mechanism of the Lamborghini Reventon is the same taken from Murcielago LP640 6,496cc and now improved to 650 Ps. Speed of the car accelerates from 0-100km/h in the fastest time of 3.4 seconds and high speed of over 340Km/h (211mph).


The first car that goes to Lamborghini Reventon dealership in Las Vegas and legally sold to the man who belongs to Bahrain. Lamborghini Reventon announced the last delivery in November 2008 to a British customer who was the official dealer of the Midlands.


Lamborghini Reventon is a mid mechanism sports car that shows over the world in 2007 in a motor exhibition. The officials confirmed that only 20 cars would be sold to customers who are interested in purchasing. Spoke persons of the vehicle company told that its design was inspired by the “Speedy Airplanes”.

Quality Of Engine

The 12 cylinder mechanism of Lamborghini Reventon that gives the power to Lamborghini roadster is one of the amazing engines in this world that makes him unique from other sports vehicles. Its speed varies from 0-100km/h in just a time of 3.4 seconds.

Key Factor

Another key feature of the Lamborghini Reventon is a beautiful lighting system that makes him important and increases his value in the world’s market. The front part of the car supplement with a new light-emitting system and Bi-xenon headlights. On the front side of the car, 7LED lights are decorated and some more lights that act as an indicator. This quality lighting system shows continuous daylights and long term usage.

Purpose To create a light system of the car was to have an extra arrow effect. Due to this function, the driver enjoyed a lot by seeing the road clearly when he is on driving seat.


Another unique functionality of Lamborghini Reventon is the speed feature that is immersed in it. Lamborghini Reventon also has a 12cylinder engine which is a quality guaranteed mechanism. This feature gives the car speed of 340 kilometers in an hour.

Lamborghini Reventon’s vehicle is an amazing speedy car but the fact is there are only 20 of them and their owners are not agreed to giving them away at any time of their life.

About Company

Lamborghini, a vehicle company that is famous for developing a sports car and also producing amazing cars. Yet again has created a masterpiece which was the key fact to introduce their company in the world. They called this masterpiece, the Lamborghini Reventon a new piece of Lamborghini cars that has limited addition.


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