Ferrari Laferrari price and features

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Ferrari LaFerrari is the most stylish and famous car in the world. It has a lot of functionalities and speed features. Most rich peoples in the world are using the Ferrari LaFerrari car for their personal use. Ferrari has its value in rich countries of the world and it has advanced technologies.


Energy Power949hp
Force663 lb-ft
Speed0-60mph in 2.6 seconds
Top speed217mph
Front measure15.6”
SeatsOnly 2 seats
ClutchF1 dual automatic
BrakesHigh quality


The starting price of the Ferrari Laferrari is $14,16362. It cost a different price when it comes to another country from the production industries of this car. When we think about Ferrari LaFerrari then we search for the price of a Ferrari car because we want to manage our budget when we are going to purchase the car. Price has a great effect on this car.

Production Year

The discussion about Ferrari LaFerrari was started in the year 2011 when it comes to nine features. When it comes to the market, the peoples were shocked to see stylish and an amazing car and they started to take interest in Ferrari LaFerrari. The company was thinking to fulfil the wishes of customers when cars are not producing in high numbers because it was going on top of selling cars.


Because it has an advance drive style that’s why Ferrari LaFerrari includes a good transmission quality feature. The advanced gearbox of Ferrari consists of their 7speed and dual-clutch automatic. On one side it has 6.3 liter V12 and also a primary generator on the other side.

They provide power between the batteries and both electric motors, this is the factor that they are placed to get cooling as they can achieve.


The surface of Ferrari LaFerrari is attractive and it gives an attractive look to the car. Professional drivers also looked at the surface of the car and then they decide to purchase it because it plays an important rule in the car and its color makes him amazing.

You can choose your favorite color in the Ferrari LaFerrari car and it will make you happy when you will drive your car because the color is the key factor that attracts the peoples to talk about your amazing car.


Ferrari LaFerrari has many features that will make you happy during driving and you will feel comfortable. The entertainment features are radio, four high-quality speakers and it also has Bluetooth wireless functionality, one LCD monitor on the front side of the car. Window grid antenna is the most famous technology of this car that makes him the most selling car in the world.

Design of Ferrari LaFerrari

Many areas yet grieving the loss of Sergio Pininfarina, as his Ferrari plans have stood the trial of time. The Ferrari LaFerrari specs were put to paper by Flavio Manzoni at Centro Stile (Ferrari Styling Headquarters). The remarkable drivetrain setup required bright bundling and the force it makes required quality. Huge gulfs and openings are expected to keep the mammoth cool, and a considerable lot of the styling highlights conceal basic components of the vehicle. Filler ports on every B-column are balanced. The charging port is on the correct side and the fuel filler is on the left.


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