Asus vivobook S15 price and features

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Asus vivobook S15 is an amazing laptop with windows 10 and with a version of 15.60″ screen arrange. It has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This laptop is power with a processor of i5 and 8GM RAM and comes with storage of 256GB which makes him most selling laptops in the markets.


VersionVivobook S15
Style NumberS15
Colors StyleDifferent colors available in market
Handling SystemWindows10
Battery power(in hours)Almost 8 hours
Touch ScreenNot available


Asus Vivobook S15 laptop starts with the price of $699 for a model like corei5-8265U CPU with 8GB RAM and it carries $749 for 512GB storage and its original price is almost($799). You are interested in more power then it goes for “$899” and it has corei7 and 8GB ram with 256GB SSD storage.


The display is very beautiful and if you are going to compare the display of Asus Vivobook S15 with other laptops then you will find a real difference between Asus and other laptops. Asus Vivobook is the best selling laptop in the electronics market due to some display qualities. This laptop has improved display look along with 86% of screen to body ratio.

It shows 30% blue light reduction technology which is advance and developed feature in the market which is going on top.

Touchpad and Keyboard

The keyboard of Asus Vivobook S15 is full-size optional with 1.4mm key progress. When we talk about the touchpad then we shocked to know that it is covered with elective and integrated with a fingerprint sensor which is an amazing feature of this laptop. Its clarity touchpad technology provides support up-to four-finger and smart gestures.

Audio qualities

Asus Vivobook S15 laptop sound framework with a highly improved audio system, which makes him a brilliant speaker for most extreme sound execution. Cluster mouthpiece works with Cortana voice acknowledgment support and this laptop always has 3.5mm earphone jack.


This extreme quality Asus vivobook S15 laptop is known as wifi master in the market and laptop manufacturing filed. Asus has dual-band of 802.11ac wifi with improved and advanced Wifi master technology.

About Camera

A person who is interested in the Asus Vivobook S15 laptop then there are a lot of chances he will definitely check about its camera. You are lucky because the camera of Asus has HD webcam quality that shows clear results of captured images and recorded videos.

Charging and Battery power

About the charging speed of the Asus Vivobook S15 laptop, there is an interesting feature that will obviously attract you to use this laptop always. Are you waiting to know about this feature, then I congratulate that the advance function is, Asus vivobook S15 laptop charge 60% in just 49 minutes. And the battery is composed of 42Wh 3-cell with lithium prismatic and it also has a 65W adapter that increases his battery power.

Plug Variety4mm
Output Quality19V DC and 3.4A WITH 65 W
Input capacity100 to 240 AC, 50/60Hz comprehensive
Battery TimeLong time usage

Weight Feature

Almost different laptops have lighter weight and we can pick and handle those laptops in an easy way. So, Asus Vivobook S15 laptop also has a lightweight that’s why it causes no damage for humans due to his weight abilities. There are some weight, height, and width qualities that are discussed below.

Height1.8cm which becomes (0.7 inches)
Extent36.14cm which is (14.22 inches)
Bottom24.36cm (9.58 inches)
Heaviness1.8Kg (3.97 Pound)


After knowing everything about the Asus Vivobook S15 laptop then it is important to know about its reviews. There is no need to get worried about people’s reviews of Vivobook S15 Laptop because it has excellent reviews from all over the world and most using laptops in some countries due to many extraordinary reviews.


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