Apple Macbook Pro laptop price and specifications

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Apple MacBook Pro laptop is the product of apple company which is famous across the world. They produce the best laptops in the world and their laptops are highly demanded in most countries due to their amazing quality with stunning display design.


Processor typeIntel core
MemoryUp-to 16GB
SSD size256GB
GraphicIntel graphic 5300
Screen sizeAlmost 12 inch
Weight2.04 pounds


Apple MacBook Pro laptop prices are costly than other laptops because it is a famous brand as well as a good product in the field of laptops. The price of this laptop starts from 970$ in Pakistan and it charges different according to the countries and their value of the currency. It is a very usable and demanding laptop in the USA and Europian countries and now it is making his value in Asian countries because people are now coming in technology fields. People are now choosing Apple Macbook pro laptop for their uses in their work in every field.

New MacBook

The new Apple MacBook Pro laptop is designed under the highly qualified engineers who are working in laptops field. Apple MacBook Pro laptop is the lightest laptop in recent using products, that’s why it is easy to use and handle. This element making him not lighter but also better. The result is more than just many new notebook laptops, it is the future of notebook in the coming years for electronics products.

Furnish for Wireless World

The advanced Apple MacBook Pro laptop is produced to compete with the wireless world. Just now, when you do something on this notebook you will do on the air means with full speed and this credit only goes to the apple software engineers and thanks to them for their important time to make a high-quality laptop for you. It has high-quality wifi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity to exchange things with other people and contact with the world through a wifi connection and internet facility.


New Apple MacBook prop laptop has a very unique keyboard with advanced functions with soft pressing buttons that will make you happy when you will use the apple laptop for your work. Creating a new keyboard, we redesigned the keyboard and makes him not thinner but also make this port very soft and it is under construction. We allow our engineers to make this keyboard comfortable for people to feel happy and another purpose is to make typing more responsive and just feels good during typing with the keyboard of this laptop.


Apple MacBook Pro laptop designed according to the wishes of people and it has an amazing screen look that makes his value in the market. People are also looking for advanced type laptop, when this Apple MacBook Pro laptop comes in the markets of electronics, it attracts the people to purchase an extraordinarily designed laptop. The screen of the laptop show HD quality results and it does not damage the eyes of people as other electronic things do when people watching some lectures and doing practical work on a notebook.

People Reviews

As you know Apple MacBook Pro laptop is highly using in the world so the reviews of people for this laptop are also good and in positive thinking. Due to good reviews, the company thinking to make more attractive advanced technology laptops in the coming years for the world. People giving their reviews on this laptop without any hesitation and problem because they are using laptops so it is a key point to give reviews about MacBook pro laptop.


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