Apple MacBook Air price and features in the USA

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Apple Macbook Air laptop is famous in the USA and is also the product of a famous apple company. It is producing its products in America and supplying all over the world. The best MacBook now comes with faster technologies and advanced features that attract people to purchase this laptop for their personal work.


ProcessorIntel core i5
Memory16GB(Provided memory)
Storage256GB SSD
Screen size13.4” IPS
StockAlmost 104 in stock
SecurityAvailable in fingerprint


The price of Apple Macbook Air starts from 1352$ and it may be different for some countries due to tax rules. Its new price is $999 and it is only for educational purposes for students because the owner of this company gives the advice to produce a discount for students from his country in the USA.

Made with Aluminium

Introducing an aluminum alloy in Apple Macbook Air created by Apple that delivers an equivalent strength, durability, and flawless finish – without mining any new aluminum from the world. It’s designed to use shavings of recaptured aluminum that are re-engineered right down to the atomic level. Aluminum helps to use for the long term and save this Macbook to bear the electricity voltages.

Operating System

Apple Macbook Air having an operating system that powers everything you are doing on a Macbook. It allows you to do belongings you simply can’t do with other computers. That’s because it’s designed specifically for the hardware it runs on – and the other way around. Its operating system is the world’s best system that powers your laptop to give you extra quality results to make you happy and allows you to do work in a good mood.

Touch Trackpad

The Force Touch trackpad of Apple Macbook Air attracts you and allows you to interact together with your Macbook during a sort of way supported subtle differences in pressure. you’ve got precise control and a consistent response – regardless of where you click the trackpad – also as many rooms for Multi-Touch gestures like pinch and zoom. Your fingers will feel the right reception.


The next upcoming Apple MacBook Air keyboard features the beautiful mechanism – providing fourfold more key stability than a standard scissor mechanism, alongside greater comfort and responsiveness. And individual LED-backlight keys with a stunning light sensor force you to type in low-light environments.


Apple is introducing a quad-core processor for the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air now offers fast-paced day-to-day activities, in addition to arranging photos and creating presentations to edit videos. Featuring the new 10th generation. The Intel Core processor from the 1.2 GHz quad-core Core i7 with Turbo Boost accelerates three .8 GHz. The MacBook Air offers 2 times faster performance than the previous generation. The Apple MacBook Air laptop comes with a high-quality screen look with advanced technology graphics. The MacBook Air laptop now offers up to 85 percent faster graphics performance. That’s why graphics-show activities like annoying games and editing your videos with filters are faster than ever.

Security and Privacy

As you know, the security system of the apple company is very advanced and you can not hack their system. This is the reason Apple MacBook Air laptop comes with the Apple T2 Security system. Apple’s own security system has custom-designed second-generation silicon, which checks that software loaded. During the boot process has not been tampered with and provides on-the-fly encoding for everything stored on the SSD. this enables.

MacBook Air and any Macbook with the security chip system to deliver the fast and secure boot process and storage of any notebook. Using security also protects Touch ID information. so whether customers are unlocking their Mac, entering a web password, or making online purchases, their information stays safe.


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