Most famous cars in Pakistan

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Most famous cars in Pakistan are in different types and many peoples are interested to drive famous cars. The peoples of Pakistan mostly use advanced cars for their personal uses. From the beginning of autos, peoples are willing to purchase new cars every year. Pakistani peoples use cars from different and worldwide companies.

Pakistani auto industries

Pakistan’s auto industry making the most famous cars in Pakistan and has skilled huge changes in recent times. Global brands are lining up to take a position billions to cater to the rising demand for vehicles in Pakistan. The tax rates via Auto Policy of five years have also turned Pakistan into an attractive car market.

Most famous cars in Pakistan are Toyota, Suzuki, and honda taking the lead. Now we are going to taker a look at the most purchased cars in Pakistan from the beginning of the year and manufacturing.

1- Toyota Corola car

Now we are discussing the most famous cars in Pakistan and the first most using car is Toyota corolla. It is going on top due to company products and stunning new designs with attractive driving modes or colors.

Just like the year before, Toyota Corolla was the most famous car in Pakistan and takes the crown because of the hottest car in Pakistan. During the past nine months, 41,489 units are sold. Knowing the demand, Toyota has produced 40,686 units within the same period.

2-Honda Civic

Honda Civic is another most famous car in Pakistan and this year it is on the top of every car’s field in Pakistan. Due to extra demand, the company increases the price of this famous car. The company producing more designs in this car to attract more customers.

Honda’s sales and most famous cars in Pakistan both are hooked into Civic. While Civic’s sales are rapidly rising because of its new sports looks with the advanced type of design, the town has always been a crowd favorite. This car takes up the fourth spot among locally manufacturing cars.

During the past three quarters, 27,020 units of Civic and City were sold, exceeding the company’s expectations just like the year before. Honda only managed to supply 26,672 vehicles, failing to satisfy the extensive local demand. Honda’s sales have grown by 45 percent as compared to last year.

3-Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift is a best-used car for low-level peoples and the most famous cars in Pakistan. This year most of the middle-class peoples purchase this car for their personal works or uses.

Along with Suzuki Swift, most Suzuki cars are a part of the best selling, and also the most famous car in Pakistan affirms the company’s place because of the major shareholder in Pakistan’s automobile market.

Swift has never received the eye its siblings have seen in Pakistan. The car sold 3,181 units within the past nine months while the corporate gives 3,304 units. That’s why it is the most famous car in Pakistan.

Suzuki Swift may be a comfortable compact car that was designed to be the company’s flagship vehicle and a superior, work expensive, alternative to Cultus and Mehran models. The car never really managed to sell enough units and therefore the carmaker was forced to stay selling Cultus and Mehran models. These features make him the most famous car for Pakistani peoples.


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